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When your Sim's belly first pops to become a bump look at the time, say it happens at 01:56am they will have the baby at that time three days later.

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Q: How do you tell when your sim is about to go into labor on the sims 2 deluxe edition PC?
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Can you tell what she is having before she has the baby on sims 2 double deluxe?

No, you can not.

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Yes, There are a few sims packs to chose, sims 2,sims2 deluxe,sims 2 double deluxe. i hope it helped, tell me what expansion packs are best! babsygirl2

Where is the sims 2 deluxe code?

please i need the code i lost my book pleaseee can you tell me it

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hate to tell it to you but teenagers cant even have woohoo:( sorry

Do their kids get to be adults in Sims 2 double deluxe?

yea but it takes a while and i could tell u the cheat.

How do you know when your sims will age on The Sims 2 double deluxe?

look in the left hand corner, there is a bar there that shows how far your sims life is. hovering over it will tell you how many days they have left

My Sims 2 double deluxe won't work what do I do?

take it back to where you got it from and if you purchased it online than call the website and tell them that its not working.

What is the object in sims deluxe edition?

Your object in the game is to control people called Sims. You tell them when to sleep, eat, talk, and suprisingly when to pee. You can make them live a life of luxury. Or you could ruin their lives. You can kill them by a fire, starvation, drowning, or the guinea pig disease. The guinea pig disease is when a guinea pig's cage is dirty and you choose to play with it. When you do it, it bites you. I hope I helped!

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How do you make the sim in sim 2 double deluxe listen to you?

if you don't like what your sims are doing, and you just want to be in control, then go into the options and select the picture that looks like two gears. then select free will off. with free will off your sims will only do commands that you tell them.

What is the difference between sims medieval and sims medieval special edition?

Heya, there isnt much different really, there is more throne rooms you could choose from, and more clothes options as well, there is also more interactions with other sims... you can get all of this on the ea site, look up sims medieval and it will tell you the difference, hope this helped! =^) xx

What is Sims 2 holiday edition?

Sims 2 Holiday Edition is an expansion pack of the Sims 2. You have first install either the Sims 2 or the Sims 2 delux for any Sims 2 expansion packs to work. Any Sims 2 game that includes the original Sims 2 has to be downloaded first. The Sims 2 Holiday Edition is one of the holiday expansion packs you can install. There are different versions of the holiday editions. You may want to install the newest one because it may have stuff in it that the old ones didn't and stuff from the old ones too. The Sims 2 Holiday Edition is just an expansion pack that includes Christmas decorations, clothing and other holidays as well. Some of the holidays include Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanakah, and Halloween. The game does not automatically recognize holidays when it's time. If you have the Sims 2 Seasons it will tell you when it is winter, spring, fall, and summer. If it's winter and starts snowing, then you can go to buy mode and decorate your sims house with the Christmas decorations. Sometimes a sims want will say they want to recieve or give a gift. That means they're ready for Christmas! So have fun with the game and I hope I helped.