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Tell your sister if she keeps plying sims to much she will get distracted some time forget to eat or drink and die

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Q: How can you tell your sister to stop playing sims?
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How do you stop your little sister from playing with your stuff?

If she is gullible tell her that you booby trapped all of you stuff, and only you know how to disarm them.

How do you stop sims from bringing friends home from work sims 2?

You cant but you can tell them to leave, Or use the money cheat and dont send your sims to work.

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Suggestion: Tell your mother you have a heck load of homework and a test tomorrow and its distracting....OR... Destroy her violin. Be careful not to leave evidence

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tell your parent

How do you stop your sister from being really mean?

Tell her you love her and ask her not to do what is upsetting you.

If The Sims in Sims three aren't doing what you tell them to how do you stop this?

its usually because your sims are in a bad mood and dont feel like doing it. wait until they're in a better mood and then try again.

How do you stop your sister from favoring one of your children more than the other?

If you and your sister are close, talk to her about it. Tell her how important it is to you. She should understand.

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all you do just slap their face and then slap your own face then tell your mom your sister did it and then tell your mom what did she did on fake hope this will work because mine did......

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