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Inside Drayden's house, Iris will teach you Draco Meteor. In white, Drayden will teach you because you will be fighting iris in the gym.

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Q: How do you teach one of your Pokemon Draco meteor in Pokemon black?
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Can you teach Mew Draco meteor?

No, Draco Meteor can only be taught to a dragon type Pokemon.

Where do you find Draco meteor?

talk to Cynthia's grand mother and bring a dragon Pokemon with you. she will then teach it Draco meteor.

Will Lady Wilma only teach one of your Pokemon the Draco Meteor move only once?

No, Lady Wilma can teach all your Dragon Pokémon Draco Meteor.

What level does Palkia learn Draco meteor in Pokemon pearl?

Palkia cannot learn Draco Meteor by leveling it up.An old lady near Route 210 can teach draco meteor to dragon type pokemon

How do you get flygon to know Draco meteor?

You can't make flygon learn Draco meteor in emerald Sapphire and ruby, but you can migrate flygon to d/p and platinum then try to find a house in the foggy area the psyduck were blocking if you talk to her she will teach one of your Pokemon Draco meteor but your Pokemon have to really like you so she can teach Draco meteor. Hope I hellped :))))))))))

How many times does the move tutor teach Draco meteor?

She will teach Draco meteor an infinite number of times so long as the Pokemon is part dragon type with happiness maxed out.

Pokemon soul silver how to get TM Draco meteor?

You go to the move tutor place and the women would teach your dragon type Draco meteor.

When does Dragonite learn Draco Meteor in Pokemon Soul Silver what level?

Dragonite can not learn Draco Meteor by leveling up. You teach it with a Move Tutor.

Can you teach Draco meteor in Pokemon Colosseum?

You teach Draco meteor in a house on route 210 you have to use rock climb twice to reach it and you have to battle someone first.

Where do you teach your Pokemon Draco meteor in Pokemon platinum?

In the foggy area of Route 210, you will find Grandma Wilma's house. She will teach a dragon-type Pokemon (or Arceus with the Dragon Plate) the move Draco Meteor. You will need Defog and Rock Climb to get to her house.

How do you teach Draco meteor to Reshiram in black version?

A move tutor/ iris

How do you get Draco meteor?

you cant get Draco meteor as a TM but you can talk to a old grandma in blackthorn city and she will tech it to certain dragon Pokemon but you need your Pokemon to trust you or she will not teach it to them. i hope i helped by G.R.C.