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You can't make flygon learn Draco meteor in emerald Sapphire and ruby, but you can migrate flygon to d/p and platinum then try to find a house in the foggy area the psyduck were blocking if you talk to her she will teach one of your Pokemon Draco meteor but your Pokemon have to really like you so she can teach Draco meteor. Hope I hellped :))))))))))

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Q: How do you get flygon to know Draco meteor?
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Can flygon learn Draco meteor?

Yes, only Dragon-Type Pokemon can learn Draco Meteor*. Flygon is Dragon and Ground type. In all games, Draco Meteor needs to be taught- no Pokemon can learn Draco Meteor by leveling up. This is where the Draco Meteor move tutor is (note, Draco Meteor is only available in Generation IV onwards); Diamond/Pearl/Platinum- Lady in House on Route 210 HeartGold/SoulSilver- Blackthorn City Black/White- Iris in her house in Opelucid City *Jirachi can know Draco Meteor from an event. Smeargle can Sketch Draco Meteor Arceus can only learn Draco Meteor when it is holding the Draco Plate. When this is removed, Arceus still knows Draco Meteor. Also, Draco Meteor can only be taught when the Pokemon's happiness is very high.

What level does Flygon learn Draco Meteor in Pokemon X?

Flygon cannot learn Draco Meteor through level-up but from a Move Tutor instead. He's inside a house around Route 21 (HM04 Strength needed).

What level does flygon learn Draco meteor?

you have to go to the dragon teacher (in the foggy route) while you and your Pokemon have a close bond

What moves can Flygon learn?

Flygon can learn many useful moves like Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Outrage, Draco Meteor, Fire Punch, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, and U-Turn.

How much does Draco meteor do?

on my game Pokemon pearl i got a jirachi from game stop and it know Draco meteor and it dose 140 damage . by G.R.C.

How much damage does Draco meteor do?

on my game Pokemon pearl i got a jirachi from game stop and it know Draco meteor and it dose 140 damage . by G.R.C.

Can Rayquaza learn Draco Meteor?

Yes, Rayquaza can learn Draco meteor.

How do you get the move Draco meteor on Pokemon white?

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I found it to get Draco Meteor first go see Drayden in opelucid city and he gives you Draco meteor

What level does Arceus learn meteor blast?

I think you are mistaking "meteor blast", for meteor mash, or Draco meteor. Arceus can't learn meteor mash, but can learn Draco meteor by leveling it while it's holding the Draco plate.

Can you teach Mew Draco meteor?

No, Draco Meteor can only be taught to a dragon type Pokemon.

Were can you find Draco meteor at in emerald?

The move Draco meteor isn't available in generation 3

How do you teach Draco meteor to palika?

Go to the lady in blackthorn city that teaches Draco meteor.