How do you teach gallade ice punch?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You have to learn it at the Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver Move Tutors.

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Q: How do you teach gallade ice punch?
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What is a good moveset for gallade?

Since it's a fighting/psychic It should kind of be like this Sword dance Psycho cut Close combat Ice punch/stone edge *DO NOT TEACH IT SPECIAL ATTACK IT WILL BE USELESS!!*

Where can you teach your miltank ice punch?

Ice Punch costs 64 BP at the Battle Frontier in HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Rate my Pokemon Gallade Level 61 Leaf Blade Ice Punch Psycho Cut and Drain Punch holding an Icicle Plate?

Pretty good!

How do you teach your machamp ice punch fire punch and cross chop?

In x and y

Medicham ice punch?

If your Medicham does not know Ice Punch it is possible to teach it by going to the move relearner. He can be found in Dendemill Town.

When does feraligatr learn ice punch?

Feraligatr cannot learn Ice Punch naturally however a Move Tutor can teach Feraligatr Ice Punch in "Pokémon Platinum," "Pokémon HeartGold" and "Pokémon SoulSilver."

Which is stronger a Level 46 Gallade that knows Leaf Blade Psycho Cut Ice Punch and Drain Punch or a Level 46 Torterra that knows Crunch Razor Leaf Wood Hammer and Earthquake?

At least you compared 2 Pokemon with the same level and moves. I would say that Gallade would win because of its Ice Punch which does 4X more damage because Tortera is 2 types that are weak against Ice type moves.

What moves should you teach Electivire?

you should teach it earthquake, Thunderpunch, Ice Punch and cross chop to get ice punch and cross chop, breed electebuzz with a medicham and that egg will level up knowing those moves

Can you teach gallade psychc?

Not unless your Kirlia knows it upon evolving into Gallade. Your Welcome :)

What level does medicham learn ice punch?

Medicham can't naturally learn Ice Punch upon leveling up. But there are other methods. Here are 3 ways: 1: Give a Heart Scale to the Move Tutor in Pastoria and he'll teach it Ice Punch. 2: Trade in Colored Shards to other Move Tutors and they'll teach it Ice Punch. 3: Breed a Male Human-like Pokemon that knows Ice Punch, with a Female Medicham, and the Meditite babies will automatically know Ice Punch upon hatching.

How do you get a feraligatr with ice punch in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You must go to the Frontier Front and talk to a man inside a house. He will offer to teach feraligatr ice punch, but for 64 B.P.

How do you beat your rival in Pokemon gold with a croconaw?

To defeat your rival with a croconaw teach it ice punch, blizzard, and/or ice beam.