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Geodude is not capable of learning the HM Fly. The only way to enforce it to learn it is by enabling the Action Replay code to allow all Pokemon to learn all moves.

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Q: How do you teach HM fly to your geodude?
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Does spearow have the attack fly?

No but you can teach it the Hm fly

Can you teach Latia HM Surf?

yes you can teach it surf AND fly

What level does pidgey learn fly?

fly is an hm. no Pokemon learns it by lvling up. except rayquaza

Can you teach a vibrava fly on Pokemon ruby?

Yes. With HM 02.

What level does pidgeotto learn fly?

You cant learn fly by leveling. You must use the HM fly to teach it to him/her

What level does staravia learn fly in pokemon diamond?

staravia actually does not learn fly you have to teach it an hm.

What Pokemon can use hm fly?

any bird Pokemon can use the hm have to teach the Pokemon after u get the hm fly....... and you can fly only to a place where u have gone by foot or bycycle or anyhow.. but u shud have gone to that place.... GOOD LUCK!!!

How do you use fly to get to another city in Pokemon HeartGold?

Teach a Pokemon Fly after obtaining the HM and choose fly when you select the Pokemon.

What level Noctowl learn to fly?

it doesnt learn by level, you have to teach him via HM

When does Geodude learn Rock smash?

Geodude learns rock smash by teaching it the HM move rock smash.


Well, you first need to get the HM Fly from some guy as you advance. Then, teach it to some Pokemon who can learn Fly and WA-LAH!

Can you fly in Pokemon FireRed?

to fly in Pokemon pearl u have to get the hm fly then u have to teach it to a Pokemon that can learn then beat gym leader