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You press "T" to talk to everyone. (public)

You press "Y" to talk to your team only.

You press "H" to talk to your team in the vehicle that your in.

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Q: How do you talk on halo custom edition?
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Is there a halo custom edition for Halo Combat Evolved anniversary?

Yes, there is a halo custom edition.

What is custom edition of Halo Combat Evolved?

Well, Halo Custom Edition is the multiplayer version of Halo Combat Evolved PC. It doesn't have a Campaign, by the way. If you want to get Halo Custom Edition, install the installer and use your Halo Combat Evolved PC Key. The main advantage of Halo Custom Edition is custom maps. Halo Custom Edition is currently in Version

How do you get the custom edition of halo when you already installed halo and cancel installing halo custom edition?


How do you get Halo custom edition for Xbox?

Without hacking, I don't think you can. Halo Custom Edition is only PC

Where can you find a Halo 3 mod for halo trial?

There is no Halo 3 mod for Halo Trial. Halo Trial is one of the hardest versions of Halo to mod. There are however, custom maps for Halo Custom Edition. To get Halo Custom Edition, you need to have Halo: Combat Evolved installed on your PC, you also need your CD key. You can download Halo: Custom Edition free.

Can microphone work in halo custom edition?

no I'm afraid not, microphones don't have any use in Halo Custom Edition :(

Do you buy halo custom edition?


Does halo custom edition have a virus?


Where can you get halo custom edition from?

google this halo custom edition download click first hit and look for download button done.

Why does halo custom edition have different colors then it used to have and not let anyone play?

Either their is something wrong with your internat or your halo custom edition is stuffed because it does let you play maybe you need to reinstall halo custom edition.

In which halo game is the gravity rifle IE Halo Combat Evolved Halo Custom Edition Halo 2 Halo 3?

Halo 2 has the gravity rifle in it but i (think) you have to have the custom edition to get the gravity rifle.....

How do you gat a sword in halo 1?

It is impossible on the Xbox but it can be used through maps in Halo Custom Edition(on PC). Halo Custom Edition is a freeware but it requires Halo PC which is not free.