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no I'm afraid not, microphones don't have any use in Halo Custom Edition :(

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Q: Can microphone work in halo custom edition?
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Does halo map tools work for halo custom edition?

No,it only works on the full version of halo PC,onless you get a halo map version converter,serch it at,[make sure to read the read me!!!!!]

You have downloaded hek for halo but but when you try to intall it it says you dont have halo custom edition but you do?

Try reinstalling Halo CE and getting the latest update (1.08) off of It should work after that.

How do you enter cheats in halo for PC?

only way for that to work is to get halo custom edition which you can download free and its a map editor thing and you can download missions from campain and use cheats with that but only problem is if you didnt get halo 1 for PC then you cant get it it requires a CD key code

How do you get the flaming helmet in halo reach?

Work for bungie, or buy the legendary edition of halo: reach.

Does the guitar from guitar hero III work with an x box 360 halo?

If youre talking about the Xbox 360 Halo Edition... then yes, the Halo Edition functions just like any regular Xbox 360.

How do you reinstall halo custom edition when I tried to play halo ce it said they have detected that one of the Halo PC files is missing or corrupted. they recommend removing and reinstalling.?

Reinstall Halo, the original PC game. Then try reinstalling Halo CE. If Halo CE still doesn't work, uninstall both programs using "Revo Uninstaller," which can be found at Then reinstall the original Halo, then Halo CE. It should work fine now! I've had similar problems, Revo Uninstaller is amazing at cleaning up your computer after an uninstall.

Can halo limited edition xbox 360 power cable work for call of duty modern warfare 2 limited edition xbox 360?


How do you use cheats during campaign in halo ce?

you cant cheat on campian but there are glitched spots and most of them are like getting out of maps today is feb. 23, 2009 and i will be posting videos of me getting out of maps in campain on my youtube "georgiaboy123321"

Why does your halo reach custom game and forge not work?

Your disc may be scratched, you can fix that by borrowing the game from a friend and install the game (from the game library tab) and then return it and it should work.

Can halo combat evolved be played on a mac that runs parallels vista?

Yes, that is the recommended windows to play Halo 1; Combat Evolved.

How do you get flaming helmet in halo reach?

I know the exact answer to this 1.purchase the legendary edition 2.put in secret code 3.look awsome on the battle field so if U dont have the LE then U cant get it. P.S not only bungie dudes have flaming heads anymore

How do you unlock recon armor in halo recon?

i believe you need to be around the lines between Lt. Colonel and General