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Very easy

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Q: How do you take the test on Club Penguin?
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What do you do in the phoning facility in club penguin?

take the test

What do you have to say to become a secret agent on club penguin?

you take a test

How do you take the test on club penguin to become a spy in the phone room?

Enter the Everyday Phoning Facility, answer the phone, and take the test.

How do you become a new recruit in club penguin?

you have to go to the phone facilty and take the test

When you are in club penguin do you have to have membership to take the quiz?

no you just have to be 45 days old or more to take the test

How do you get the tour guide on Club Penguin?

Are you wondering how to get that hat to help around Club Penguin? Just take the test, but you have to go to the tour booth that the tour table that says'' Tours'' at the Ski Village. You have to be atleast fourty five to take the test.

When do you know when you have become an agent on Club Penguin?

You have past the Club Penguin Agency test

In club penguin how to become a secret agent when your penguin is 100 days old?

Take the moderator test. Hope you pass!! :-D

How do you take the test in club penguin again to be an agent?

you click on another penguin and report them, then you are loved by everyone and you become an agent instantly.

How do you become a tour guide in club penguin?

There is a tour booth were you have to take a test. if you pass the test you get a tour guide hat!

If you r a agent how do you take the test on club penguin?

First, report to the HQ , then they will notify you with a letter.

How do you become a epf in club penguin?

Just take the test in the PHONING FACILITY in the Ski Hill.