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print screen key on keyboard, if you have steam, you can run minecraft from your library and use the steam screenshot system.

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Q: How do you take screen shots on Minecraft?
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How do you take screen shots on gaiaonline?

Print Screen. The button on your keyboard.

How do you take screen shots in gunz the duel?

press F12

Can you lock messages on iphone 4?

Nope. But you can take screen shots of them.

Why does a camera have a screen on it?

A digital camera has a screen so you can preview the shot you are about to take and review shots you have taken.

How do you take a picture on flight simulator?

You can take screen shots by pressing the PRINT SCREEN button on your keyboard. Another way is to download a screen shooter from screen shot).Hope I helped!

Can Samsung Galaxy s2 take screen shots?

Yea u can do it...Just a download screen shot app

How do you take a screenshot in Minecraft?

There are two ways to take a screen shot in Minecraft. One of them is to press the print screen button on your keyboard, then right click and click paste on a Picture document. The easier way is to press F2, then go to your .minecraft folder and click on screenshots to view it.

How do you print Minecraft screenshots on mac?

You can find your screenshots by going into Library, Application Support, minecraft, then there will be a folder called "screenshots"

How do you take screenshots of bbm chat?

How do I take BBM screen-shots off My phone. Can you send me some, Please.

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It is not possible to take a screen shot in Google Chrome. However from Windows 7, Snipping tool was introduced, that can take screen shots.

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dat vraag ik mij ook af

How do you make a minecraft video on xbox?

You can take a camera and point it at your TV, record your tv screen with a program, or buy an XBOX 360 Screen Recorder.