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theres a little button you press and pull out its kinda tricky. Heres a link

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Q: How do you take out your Xbox 360 hard drive?
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Can a grey Xbox 360 hard drive be used with a new black Xbox 360?

Yes! If you open the case on that the old Xbox 360 Hard drive was in, you can just take the hard drive itself out, and put it in the new Xbox 360 Slim.

Can you take out an xbox 360 hard drive for another xbox 360?

with the old 360's, yes.

Where to buy an hard drive for xbox 360 slim?

You can buy a Xbox 360 s hard drive from the Xbox website.

Where goes the xbox 360 hard drive go?

On the older Xbox 360's, at the top. The Xbox 360 S, the hard drive is located at the bottom of the Xbox.

Can you put a xbox 360 elite 120 gb hard drive on a xbox 360 pro without deleting memory?

take off the elites hard drive off the back of the xbox and snap it on the other xbox

Is the Xbox 360 detachable hard drive compatible with the new Xbox 360 slim?

No, the new xbox 360 slim basically has a hard drive like a block, way better than the original xbox 360's long hard drive.

Can you play a Xbox game on a Xbox 360 console?

If you have a hard drive. If you do not have a hard drive in your 360 it will not workAll Xbox games will work on a 360 that has a hard drive (elite and pro come with hard drive). Arcade version owners need to buy a hard drive first

What storage does Xbox take?

The Xbox 360 will take a specially designed hard drive and which vary's in Gigabyte size. As the Xbox 360 S is released, they take a different style hard drive which will come in 2 different sizes, 4gb and 250 gb.

Can you put a 20GB hard drive on an Xbox 360 Elite?

You can put any xbox 360 hard drive on any 360 version

Is xbox Kinect hard drive compatiable with xbox 360 hard drive?

No, but you do have the ability to buy a cord from gamestop that allows you to connect the old xbox 360 hard drive to the kinect.

How much gb is the hard drive of a Xbox 360 arcade?

The xbox 360 arcade unit does not come with a hard drive. It comes with a memory card, but not a hard drive. You can buy one for you Xbox 360 Arcade, however.

Will a Xbox 360 hard drive work with Xbox?

No it wont the Xbox 360 is the only Custum System that you can transfer the hard drive but it is not possible to switch it for a Xbox one.