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when you install to the hard drive 5-7gb

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Q: How much space will an XBOX 360 game take up on the hard drive?
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What is the benefit of buying an xbox 360 hard drive?

More space for game data and downloadables

Is it possible to install an xbox 360 game on your hard drive and then not need the disk?

No, however you can buy the game from xbox live marketplace and the game will be on your hard drive

Does the game info save to the disc or the Xbox?

Game information saves on the Xbox's hard drive.

Can you play a Xbox game on a Xbox 360 console?

If you have a hard drive. If you do not have a hard drive in your 360 it will not workAll Xbox games will work on a 360 that has a hard drive (elite and pro come with hard drive). Arcade version owners need to buy a hard drive first

Can I play minecraft the game on my Xbox?

Minecraft is available on the Xbox 360. You can download the entire game to your Xbox hard drive.

How do you install a game to the hard drive of the 360?

select your game libary from the xbox 360 dashboard and choose install to hard drive

What does downloading a game to your xbox 360 do?

It saves it to the hard drive.

Where to get xbox 360 game saves?

On your Hard Drive.

Can you play regular Xbox games live on your Xbox 360?

if you have a hard drive you can play the xbox game's

Is your game data saved onto your Xbox 360 or game?

your hard drive

If i install an Xbox game on my friends Xbox but with my hard drive on it will i have the installed game on my Xbox when i put the hard drive back on my Xbox?

The installed game should remain on your hard drive, regardless of the Xbox you're using. However, be sure that you are on your own account when you download the game, or you'll have to transfer the content licenses back to your account from your friend's. Check out Xbox's Digital Rights Management page to learn how to transfer the content licenses.

How do you I Xbox game saves to Xbox?

First you need a hard drive or a memory unit then when playing a game check in-game instructions.