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you press a circular button on the top Central left near the battery pack and at the same time press another circular button on the xbox just on the right of the memory unit spaces

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Q: How do you sync a xbox 360 controller to another xbox 360 console?
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How do you sync an Xbox 360 controller?

Press the sync button on the controller and the console. Both the console and controller will have a circling green light then one quadrant will light up and the controller is synced.

My Xbox 360 controller doesn't sync with my Xbox. But the controller does turn the console on when it itself is turned on and the console turns it off when it is turned off.?

Theres a little button on the 360 and the controller. Make sure you are holding both buttons when turning on the controller.

How do reconnect a contoller from one xbox to another?

Press the sync button once on the xbox and then hold down the sync button at the top of the controller until that controller is connected to the xbox.

How do you add a controller on Xbox 360?

You can sync your controller into your xbox 360.To do that there are certain buttons on the controller and the xbox 360 you push to sync the controller.

How can you plug a Xbox controller to a Xbox 360?

If the controller is wired it can be plugged into one of the two usb ports on the front of the console or the one usb port on the back. If the controller is wireless then you must press the small button on top of the controller and the small button on the front of the console to sync them.

How do you hook up an Xbox 360 controller to another persons Xbox?

If you look on the front of your 360 console, you should see a small white button next to the Memory Unit B port. If you press this button, the lights around the power button should start to blink or rotate. This means that the XBox is looking for a new controller signal. Hold down the power button on the controller for a few seconds and it should sync with the console. After that you should be good to go.

Can an Xbox360 controller be used on an Xbox?

The Xbox 360 controller will not work on an original xbox console. Similarly, an original xbox controller will not work with the xbox 360. Each controller only works with its respective console. Xbox 360 Controller --> Xbox 360 Xbox controller --> Xbox

Where is the sync button on the xbox?

you will find the sync button next to the memory card 2 slot a small circle button hold that button in whilst holding down the sync button for your xbox 360 controller which is on the front which has three arrows pointing right. then your controller should be connected or synced to the xbox

How do you get your xbox 360 slim controller to connect?

There is 2 sync buttons u need to push one on the controller and one on the console push then and give it couple mins then your away

How does the Xbox 360 controller connect with the console?

The Xbox 360 controller uses a proprietary wireless technology to connect to the Xbox 360 console.

How do you tune Xbox controller to Xbox console?

Hold the little button on the controller and look for the same bitten in the console then hold that

How do you sync another controller to the Xbox 360?

there is a tiny button on top of the controller and a depending on what kind of xbox there will be a button on the front of the xbox the slim sill have a more square like button and the first xbox will have a round button but the will have a little illustration on them like this ((( kinda lol but press the controller button on top and then the one on the xbox and it should sync up