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You take your red puffle for a walk and then play the game. You should earn a stamp

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Q: How do you surf with your red puffle club penguin?
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Is it possible to surf with blue puffles in Catchin' Waves Club Penguin?

No, you can only surf with your Red Puffle.

Where is rockhoppers puffle on Club Penguin?

Rockhopper's puffle is a red puffle on club penguin and is named Yarr

Elite puffle blast on Club Penguin?

Is a red puffle.

What was the 1st puffle in Club Penguin?

The first Puffle introduced on Club Penguin was the Blue Puffle. This Puffle was available to all Club Penguin users, including non-members. Also, the second Puffle on Club Penguin was the Red Puffle. This Puffle was brought by the notorious Captain Rockhopper, a celebrity on Club Penguin. They are a special breed of Puffle, originating from Rockhopper Island. This Puffle too, was available to all Club Penguin users.

What was Club Penguin's first color of puffle?

The first puffle was the red puffle.

How do you take a puffle on the surf bored on club penguin?

You have to buy the red puffle and go to your igloo. Then, click on it and then press the walk button. Head to the cove and play Surfs Up.

What color puffle is the best in puffle launch club penguin?

the awesome red puffle

What is the oldest puffle color in club penguin?

red because rockhopper introduced the puffles to club penguin and his was red

What puffle wears what hat on club penguin?

the puffles on club penguin can wear differant hats my puffle rocky is a red puffle who wears a princess hat -Quackandme

What is the cutest puffle you Club Penguin?

It is red of couse but i do not like club penguin i like binweevels

In Club Penguin what was the first puffle?

The red puffle or the red puffle because they are available for all players. ;D

What games can you play with a puffle on Club Penguin?

To play games with your puffles, you need to know what your puffle likes. So, if you play Catchin' Waves, while walking the red puffle, the red puffle will surf with you, doing it's own tricks. But, if you do the survival level in Catchin' Waves, the red puffle will get scared and stay on the beach.