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you have to live people who dont wont get the achivement =[

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Q: How do you submit a spectator photo on gears of war 2?
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What is gears of war like?

gears of war is the best but gears of war 2 is better

How do you use the gears of war 1 cheats?

there are no gears of war or gears of war 2 cheats but there are glitches

How do you say gears of war in spanish?

gears of war

Who will be in gears of war 3?

There is no Gears of War 3

What is the difference between gears of war 2 and gears of war 2 the last day?

Gears of War 2 the last day is a trailer for Gears of War 2.

What is better gears of war or gears of war 2?

Gears of War 2 is way better.Both are great. get both!

Will there be a gears of war?

Yes, there will be a gears war 1,2,and 3

Does Hoffman die in gears of wars?

No he continues to live in Gears of War and Gears of War 2

When did Gears of War come out?

Gears of war 3 came out on the 20th of September.

What geme wil be better gears of war or End War?

enfwar or gears of war?

Gears of war two?

gears of war 2 is a great game

Are there berserkers in gears of war 2?

No, there are no berserkers in gears of war 2.