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grab her arms

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Q: How do you strip the girl in the game meetnfuck secret agent?
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When did Secret Agent - video game - happen?

Secret Agent - video game - happened in 1992.

When was Secret Agent - video game - created?

Secret Agent - video game - was created on 1992-02-01.

Which psp game has the best graphics?

clank as a secret agent

Was the game barbie secret agent ever a movie?

No it was never a movie, but I wish it was! The game was great and would make a great movie.

Are there any secret agent or spy virtual worls online for kids?

Try Club penguin you can be an agent but that game you have to have membership so it not that much fun :)

Where are the secret rooms in Club Penguin?

well there is the agent room which agents cannot reveal where it is because it is secret so you will have to become a secret agent to find out to become click on the big m on the top right corner and then there is the epf room you have to have the Nintendo ds elite penguin game for that!

How do you find alien codes in Secret Agent Clank?

Well,you have to beat the game once, and at the first level you will see it.

What is the codes for the books inventors apprentice and secret agent on club penguin?

Club Penguin Cheats, sense it is a online game, its highly against the rules, But to become a Secret Agent (been about 2 years sense ive played) You must wait i think about 30 Days to become a Secret Agent, then you click the Gold M at the top, and click "become a secret agent" Using cheats on Club Penguin will get you banned, and possibly reported to your local athorities.

Where is the a rod in Pokemon white?

you get it when you beat the game when you walk downstairs there will be two " moms" and one of them will transform into a secret agent and give you it

How do get in the secret in the HQ in Club Penguin?

by secret u mean the command room, u cant get in it unless u buy the ds game and enter a code and become an EPF Agent...

How did clank become a secret agent?

He never really did, it was just a show. He was in on ratchet and clank up your arsenal and they decided to make a game of it.

What is Club Penguin elite force?

the club penguin elite force is a secret agent spy team. their job is to complete secret missions and get coins. you can become a secret agent by clicking the M at right hand corner of your screen. once you've done that, take the quiz! if you get all the answers right then you'll have access to the scret agent headquarters! to become a secret agent you must have a penguin that has been online for 45 days. GOOD LUCK! its 30 days fool!!!! btw the game sucks so dont buy