How do you strafe jump in cod mw2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Turn 45 degrees away from the object you are trying to strafe jump to. Run forward, turn towards object, and jump. If you do not perform these maneuvers fast enough, it will not work.

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Q: How do you strafe jump in cod mw2?
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How do you jump onto the plane on terminal on cod mw2?

You first have to go outside of the plane and go to the blow up slide that leads to the plane. Then strafe jump on topo of the boxes to the right of you. It may take lots of tries. Then back up and strafe jump to the nose of the plane. ONLY THE NOSE OF THE PLANE. ANd then your on top of the plane It may take many tries i recommend to use marathon, and lightweight And use a pistol when jumping

CoD mw2 rust glitch?

jump into the pipe where it fades to grayish blotches

Can you strafe jump in Cod 5?

Yes You can all you do is face a little away from da objective then right where your supposed to be u turn to ure objective and then jump which alows you to jump futher

How do you strafe jump on modern warfare 2?

you can't strafe jump on modern warfare 2

How do you strafe jump in modern warfare 2?

i feel happy to answer this for you. if you want to jump right face left and jump, then face left when when you have jumped. you will jump longer when you strafe jump. if you dont understand me look it up on\

Do they have COD MW2 for Playstation 2?

No, there will never be COD MW2 for PS2. Only for PS3, XBOX360 and a PC.

Can you use a joystick on CoD MW2?

no, unfortunetly not it would be impossible due to the fact of needing to shoot ,jump throw grenades ect....

What is a strafe jump in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare?

A jump in which increases your fps

Does shepherd survive in cod mw2?


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mw2 is awesome but black ops is kinda crap

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How do you get the MW2 title in cod MW2?

Reach Prestige 1 and Level 69.