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press the left button and A when i is.

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Q: How do you stop Pokemon heartgold on the r4 from freezing?
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Will Pokemon hg ss go on r4?

it will but it will keep freezing you will have to wait for a patch to come out to fix that

How do you catch Celibi in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

you can either cheat e.g. R4 card or AR, or you receive it from a mystery gift event

Where do you get a master ball in Pokemon HeartGold?

you cant have to use action replay ds or if u have an r4 download cheats on it good luck

What do you do if your nds Pokemon heart gold game on r4 keeps freezing with black screens?

If that is the only game that freezes, then the rom must be faulty. You may as well download another rom and put it into your r4. If it happens with all your games, then the software in your r4 might be faulty.

How do you get Manaphy in Pokemon HeartGold?

Manaphy is not found in the wild anywhere in the Pokemon world. You must trade a Manaphy Egg from Pokemon Ranger to get a Manaphy, or use a cheat of some sort (R4(i), Action replay, etc...)

Can you enter a Pokemon tournament with a r4?

No, I tried. But try trading your r4 pokemon to a real game and then go online.

Where can you play Pokemon HeartGold?

R4...Computer....Go Japan and get it...Bootsale...Yeh Not Much Places you can get it go japan or something its coming out in 2010 soo dont worry mate!-starwest

How do you connect pokewalker to an r4?

The pokewalker will only connect via Pokemon HG/SS. You'll be able to run Pokemon with the R4, but since the R4 is out of date it probably won't work.

How do you get olks letter?

You need to do Pokemon event or action replay or R4 or upgrade R4.

If you have an R4 is it possible for you to make your own Pokemon?

no but you can get exclusive Pokemon

How do you get Pokemon heart gold of my r4 in an NDS File?

1.Go to google and search "pokemon heartgold coolrom" click on the first link and download it2.Take you're R4 micro SD card out and put it in you're computer.3.Open the downloaded file with 7zip or any archiving tool (it is a free archiving tool for windows and mac) and drag the PokemonHeartGold.nds file into the root of the SD card.4. Take out the SD card and put it in you're R4. Put the R4 into you're DS.Then play it!

What is R4 in Pokemon Pearl?

R4DS is a card which allows you to put on ROMs and play them on the R4 card.