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You look for it in your programs and find the application SPORE. It will come up.

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Q: How do you start playing the game spore after you have installed it?
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I've installed spore onto my mac and its just not doing anything What do i do?

Double clicking the Spore icon will start the game. You should see the EA then Maxis intro as the game loads. If the game refuses to run you should check that your computer meets the requirements for the game and reinstall it if necessary.

How did spore get its name?

If you are talking about the game, Spore is a micro-organism and that is what you start as.

Why wont your spore cheat work?

No one can answer unless you specify which game of Spore you are playing (Spore Heros, Spore Galactic Adventures, etc.).

Why does it say Insert Spore Galactic Adventures DVD when I start Spore Galactic Adventures?

if you have the original game contact ea-games <----- EDIT - IF U HAV THE GAME U HAV 2 if you downloaded it search for a good crack INSERT IT WHEN PLAYING THE GAME, (IT'S NOT LIKE THE CREATURE CREATOR)

Spore won't open as it says Spore has encountered a problem and needs to close We are sorry for the inconvenience How do i stop this without uninstalling and get spore to work as normal again?

You need to uninstall the game, I'm afraid. It usually means that a part of the game wasn't installed properly.

What website do you visit to register your spore game?

it lets you make a account when you first start up the game

I've Installed Spore but everytime I try to open it it says d3dx9 27.dll was not found. Help?

If you've installed the game Spore, but everytime you try to open it you get an error that says d3dx9 27.dd, you will need to install the DLL file. This appears to be a common issue with the game and the DLL file is readily available online.

Is spore any different then spore creature creator?

There is Spore, the game, and the Spore Creature Creator, which is part of the game. All versions of Spore the game have the Spore Creature Creator included with them. It is true that the Spore Creature Creator can be played with by itself, but it is not a is a neat art tool.

Is Spore a free game?

Spore isn't free but, if you buy the game Spore for Nintendo DS it is.

What happens if you delete all of your planets on spore?

The game always has 6 planets available for you to start a new empire on. When you start a new game or delete a planet, SPORE will automatically generate a new planet available for you to begin a new journey.

Is spore creator creator an ad on to spore?

no it comes with it on the main menu click create and make one or go into the main game and start evolving

Why can't my spore game start up?

Probably because you dont have the needed requirements to play spore. Sorry. I had the same problem and I was missing a graphics card.