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Spore GA is an add-on for spore. It is the same game, but it has a separate desktop icon.

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Q: Do you play Spore Galactic Adventures at the same time as Spore or is it a separate game?
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Does spore galactic adventures come with the spore game?

No. You must purchase both Spore Galactic Adventures and Spore.

What spore game that has certain stages?

the regular spore on the PC and spore galactic adventures ( you have to have the first spore to play galactic adventures)

Can't Play Galactic adventure creations don't have?

If you have not bought the expansion for Spore, Spore Galactic Adventures, you cannot play, view, or edit creations made using Spore Galactic Adventures. If you have bought the game, you must not click the regular spore icon to play the game, but you must click the Spore Galactic Adventures Icon.

Why wont your spore cheat work?

No one can answer unless you specify which game of Spore you are playing (Spore Heros, Spore Galactic Adventures, etc.).

Why does it say Insert Spore Galactic Adventures DVD when I start Spore Galactic Adventures?

if you have the original game contact ea-games <----- EDIT - IF U HAV THE GAME U HAV 2 if you downloaded it search for a good crack INSERT IT WHEN PLAYING THE GAME, (IT'S NOT LIKE THE CREATURE CREATOR)

When will the destiny of spyro the dark spirit come out?

it already came out.. it is NOT a a video game though if that's what you thought, its a game on SPORE galactic adventures. Created by Bionicle2809. you will need the entire SPORE game to play it though.

When is spore 2 coming out?

There isn't a Spore 2 as such, but there is a big expansion pack already out called Spore Galactic Adventures and I guess it could count as a sequel. SGA is a more RPG style game. I want it!!

Douse spore galactic edition come with the actual game or creature creator?

The Galactic edition comes with the entire Spore game, alongwith some extras.

In Spore Galactic Adventures how do you make you your adventures give you more spore points?

In Spore Galactic adventures you can create adventures that you can play in or out of the game. The adventure is kind of like the creature stage, you beam down to the planet and complete the tasks they tell you to do. Adventures will become missions in the space stage, alien races will ask you to beam down to the planet and complete a task for them. It's AWESOME! =) Hope this helps! :)

Does Spore The Galactic Edition come with Spore Creature Creator?

Spore Galactic Edition doesn't come with the Creature Creator disc. However, the Spore Creature Creator is included in the game, along with all the other creators, on both versions of the game.

If you are able to download spore creature creator will your computer be able to run the entire game?

no, you have to have spore or spore galactic edition

How you can hack spore?

Yes. When i buy it say in the information that the game works for mac and pc. So the same game works on both computers. I DONT KNOW IF SPORE GALACTIC ADVENTURES AND SPORE CREEPY AND CUTE WILL WORK TOO FOR MAC.