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On the main menu, before you start the game, there should be an option that says "New Game" or something. Click it and play. Then, when you're done, just save that game and it will override your first one.

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Q: How do you start a new jerny on Pokemon Black and White game?
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When will Pokemon Black and White start?

Pokemon Black and White will start(or be released) On March 6,2011

Are they making Pokemon Black and White?

Yes they did make Pokemon Black and Pokemon White it was the start of the 5th Generation of Pokemon and it included new Pokemon.

When can you start to trade Pokemon in black and white?

u can start when you have 2 Pokemon and you learn how to catch them

When can you start trading in Pokemon Black and White?

Once you get the cgear.

When do you get the xtranceiver in Pokemon Black and White?

Your mother gives it to you at the start of the game.

How do you get your Pokemon to start dreaming on Pokemon Black and White?

Use Game Sync on the C-Gear.

What legendary Pokemon can you get at the start of black and white?

None, that would be too easy then ^_^

When will Pokemon black and white will start on catoon network India?

on february 31,2050

How can i find out either I'm black list or not?

its easy + simple. If your game has Black City it means you have Pokemon Black. If it has White Forest it means you have Pokemon White. You can also find out by looking at the start of your game.

Where do you find a tegpig in pokemon white?

you cant its a starter pokemon if you didnt start with it then you have to get it from a different game (has to be black or white) or go to the global trade

What is the code to start a new game on Pokemon black and white?

up select b

What pokemon that start with the letter m?

it depends on the version but on black or white muuna is one