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just push the boulders on the floor above it into the holes in the ground

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Q: How do you solve the second puzzle in the ice path on Pokemon Soul Silver?
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How do solve the third Pokemon carving in Pokemon soul silver?

For the third puzzle, you're going to have to have Ho-Oh in the first slot of your party.

How do you get all 28 unknown in soul silver?

you need two solve the 4 puzzle and when u solve the 4th u keep battling wild Pokemon and capture them all

How do you solve the fossil puzzle in Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon SoulSilver?

The first puzzle is a kabuto to rotate the image just tap it. The second puzzle is a Aerodactyl as well as the first one just touch to rotate. The final image is Ho-Oh like the other two puzzles you must tap the pieces to rotate. This is for HEART GOLD i have no clue or neither do i care about Soul Silver!!

What do you do in the Ruins of Alph after you solve the puzzle on Pokemon Soul Silver?

Catch unowns. Go through the door and run around in the tunnels until you find one. Then catch it.

What do you do on birth island on pokemon emerald?

Solve the puzzle and catch deoxys

Where do you get the unown letter t in Pokemon firered?

In one of the tanoby chambers. You have to solve the puzzle in the tanoby key which is in the grassy area of the sevault canyon NOT the canyon entrance. You need a Pokemon with strength to solve the puzzle.

Where do you find unknown in Pokemon silver version?

go to the ruin of alpha and go to the temple near the top solve th puzzle then you fall in and all the unknow start appering

Doritos quest instructions for the second puzzle?

If you just look, there's a huge hint as to how to solve the puzzle.

How can you solve the shape puzzle in Ao Oni?

You can solve the shape puzzle in Ao Oni by finding the missing die. The missing die is in the second floor of the old building.

What is the triangle puzzle in Pokemon emerald?

The triangle puzzle is on birth island and only accsessible by teleport code or The Aura ticket, And if you solve the puzzle , you get a chance to get deoxys

How To Capture Deoxys In Pokemon Pearl?

you have to have a ticket to birth island and solve the triangle puzzle

How to solve the puzzle in the sevault canyon in Pokemon leaf green?

Push the boulders into the holes.