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its easy if you hit A in front of the doted cave it will appear down a lot of dots, well those dots are in Braille (blind language) what it sais in the door is CUT so you have to use cut in front of the door. What you can do is go to the internet and see the Braille alphabet

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Q: How do you solve the puzzle in the cave on 7 island?
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How do you get the hm 7?

You have to solve the puzzle in Icefall Cave.

Where is the cave with boulder puzzle?

On island 7, where the double battle trainers are.

Where do you catch unown b in Pokemon LeafGreen?

I know you can catch unown in either 5, 6 or 7 island but there is a cave on one of those islands that you have to solve a puzzle by moving boulders.

How do you find the cave with boulder puzzle in Pokemon LeafGreen?

On seven island near tanoby chambers.

Where on island 7 is the boulder puzzle?

The boulder puzzle can be found in Sevault Canyon on Quest Island. The puzzle itself is inside a chamber called Tanoby Key. Tanoby Key is found in a cave near the north of the Canyon.

How do you catch unknown in Pokemon FireRed?

All the unknown can be found in tanoby cave which is on the 7th island. They only show up in the cave after you solve the rock puzzle at the end of the cave which is fairly easy to do. You will need the rainbow pass to get to island 4-7.

How to solve the tanoby ruins?

go to island 7 you need HM 04 move all the rocks on top of the holes in the cave at the of island 7 then unkown will show up in the ruins

In which cave do you get which unknow in Pokemon FireRed?

actually theres about 7 difrent caves! there in the tanoby ruins bu tfir ts uhave to osolve this puzzle there located on island 7

What do the unown do in Pokemon FireRed?

Go to 7 Island and head towards Sevalt Canyon. On your way through here there will be a cave entrance and within it a strength puzzle. Complete the strength puzzle and continue out of the cave and downwards. You will eventually hit water with many islands. Go into each cave entrance and you will find a few different kinds of unown in each, but you must go to each island to get ALL of the unowns.

Where can you find mewto in leafgreen?

in cerulean cave in cerulean city after defeating the elite 4. and finding the ice type trainer of the elite 4 on 4 island in the lost cave. you have to get a rainbow pass to get to 4-7 islands . 1. defeat elite 4. 2. get rainbow pass. 3. go to 4 island. 5. go to lost cave. ( get passed the cave's mase like puzzle)

Where to get hm 7 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In icefall cave at four island.

In firered what happens after the rumble in the cave on seven island?

unown appear in the ruins at bottom of 7 island