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You have to go to the sky pillar (near pacifidlog town), and you have to use a match bike to go to the top of the tower to awaken Rayquaza.

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Q: How do you solve problem in sootopolis city in Pokemon emerald?
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How do you solve Groudon and kyogre emerald?

Well first you have to go to the sky pillar and then you will meet Wallace there and then you will have to go up the sky pillar and wake up raquaza and then you would have to get out that place and then fly back to sootopolis city and then your problem is fixed good luck.=).

What do you do on birth island on pokemon emerald?

Solve the puzzle and catch deoxys

What types of Pokemon use in Pokemon emerald?

solve your question by going to

How do you solve the braille in Pokemon Emerald?

It is quite simple to solve the braille in Pokémon Emerald. You can simply look up what the braille characters mean online.

How do you find regerock on Pokemon emerald?

Regirock is found in the Desert ruins in Route 111 on Pokemon Emerald. To access it you need to solve the Braille Riddle in the Sealed Chamber hidden on Route 134.

How do you get regice on Pokemon Emerald?

Surf from dewford to petalburg there is a giant rock between them get in there and solve the puzzle and you will find him

What slots do you put wailord and relicanth in on Pokemon emerald?

In Pokemon Emerald to solve the Sealed Chamber puzzle you need to put Wailord at the top of your party. Relicanth needs to be at the bottom of your party. This order is the reverse of the order needed in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

How do you open the door to sky pillor in Pokemon emerald version?

the door will be open after you solve the crisis between kyogre and groudon.

Where do you get the rare dogs on Pokemon emerald?

i really don't know sinse my friend lost my emerald game and gameboy sp but action replay can cause and solve all okemon problems

Pokemon emerald how do you enter secret chamber?

use dive than dig and solve mistery ( wailord first then relicanth last)

How do you solve the third crack maze in the sky pillar in Pokemon emerald?

its the same as all the others: just keep riding without crashing.

How do you get deoxsis in Pokemon emerald?

get the ticket to birth island and solve the puzzle. You can only get the ticket from a Nintendo event or cheating.