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There is no level four it only geos up to three. hope that helps you lilly

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Q: How do you solve level 4 on tilt maze?
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How do you get to level 5 scary maze?

To get to level 5 you must complete level 4 in scary maze game

Is there a level 4 on scary maze game?


What is the last level in the Subspace Emissary?

4 levels of the last maze it is combined with every level

Level 4 in scary maze?

Hey guys! I found out how to get to level four in scary maze game! 1: get to level 3. 2: hold mouse 3:complete level. Results: -scary face + access to level four.

What are the passwords for mouse maze?

the password for the highest level i know is for level 4. it is 9687. hope i helped you!

Is there a level 4 in the scary maze game?

The point of scary maze is to scare you therefore they say you have 4 levels and then when you nearly finish the 3rd one something ' scary' comes up and it says 4 levels so you are not ready for the scare. There is no level 4 :)))

How do you get to level 4 in the scary maze game?

I heard that to get to level 4 in the scary maze game you have to cut through. I don't know how to cut through but that's what I heard and that's what i believe. And I can also warn you that the scary maze game scared the freaks out of me. I hope you take this advice and "Cut through", at the end of level three. WARNING:THIS ANSWER MAY NOT MAKE SENSE.

How do you solve level 4 on clickplay time?

the code is 5707

Can you get to lvl 4 in scary maze game?

No, its impossible even if you finish level 3 a scary face from the exorcist pops up and never lets you get to level four!

Why isn't there a level 4 in Scary Maze Game?

Because the whole point is to freak you out by level 3 or sooner.

Where does team rockct go when you win them in island 5?

they go to icefall cave in 4 island but you need waterfall to get up there , but waterfall is in icefall cave and you have to solve a maze (not that hard)

How do you solve bubble blast pack 7 level 2?

2-4; 2-4; 2-4; 2-4; 4-4