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Q: What 4 letter word begins and ends with t and means to lean to one side?
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What is a four letter word that means to lean?


What does lean?

Lean means either: to incline or bend, or it can also mean skinny. In the case of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it means to incline (as in "lean over").

Which Latin root word means to lean?

Clin- is the Latin root syllable that means 'to lean'. One of its English language derivatives is the infinitive 'to incline'. One of its Latin language derivatives is the infinitive 'inclinare', which means 'to lean'.

What does lean mean?

It means little extra fat. For example: The runner was all muscle and very lean.


A lean hamburger is made from minced pork with little fat. The term lean means less fat. A lean beefburger is made from minced beef with little fat.

What is a homograph for lean at an angle and a helpful piece of advice?

The homograph for "lean at an angle" is tilt. As a helpful piece of advice, tilt can also refer to offering a suggestion or recommendation to someone.

What does outleant mean?

One variation means "to lean out."

Change the word lean into a word that is narrow road?

To change lean into a word that means β€œNarrow road.” The answer is Lane.

Nationality of hagerman name?

Linguistically, the name is German. (In German it would end in -nn). Literally translated it means lean man - lean in the sense of lean and hungry.

What does th latin root cline mean?

The Latin root "cline" means to lean or slope. It is commonly used in words related to inclining or bending, such as incline or decline.

What Latin root means 'to lean'?

One equivalent of the English verb 'to lean' is the Latin verb inclinare, which means 'to bend, incline'; or 'to incline, take a turn, verge'. Another equivalent is the verb inniti, which means 'to lean or rest upon, support oneself by'. And yet another is the verb propendere, which means 'to hang down'; or 'to be favorable towards or inclined to'.

What is a four letter word for slant?

cant, lean, tilt