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It's pretty simple. You talk to the man with a Monkey on his shoulder and let him know you're trying to smuggle the rum. He knows that the customs lady doesn't check his crates because she knows only bananas are inside.

So on the outside of his hut are several crates. There is one that you must fill with bananas (which you need to pick) and put the rum inside as well. This can be done by using the bananas on the crate. Also using the rum on the crate.

Once done sail back to Port Sarim and go to the food shop. Ask the shopkeeper for a job and go into the back of the room and search the crates. You may find several different food items inside but keep searching all the crates until you've found the banana crate containing the rum.

Go to the captain and give him his rum!

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Q: How do you smuggle the Karamjan Rum on RuneScape?
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How do you do the quest pirates treasure in RuneScape?

# Talk to Redbeard Frank about treasure. # Pay the fare, and go to Karamja# Buy Karamja Rum from Zambo. # Pick 10 bananas for Luthas, place them in the crate, and then put rum inside. # Talk to Wydin about a job. # Go into the back room and get rum. # Talk to Redbeard Frank and receive a chest key. # Go unlock the chest upstairs in the Blue Moon Inn. # Dig at the "X" formed by the flowerbed in the Falador garden, kill the Gardener, and dig again to finish the quest.

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How do you get rum on the ship of karamja in runescape for piarate's treasure?

You have to smuggle it out in a crate of bananas. Fill a crate with bananas for Louis, but before talking to him, slip the bottle of rum into the crate. Then have him send it to the mainland; you can find the rum in the back of Wydin's shop in Port Sarim.

In runescape gow do you smuggle rage weapons?

There is no way to smuggle rage weapons.

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How do you smuggle rum to pirate frank on runesape?

You have to hide the bottle of rum in a box of bananas. This will later be taken to the mainland.

How do you get the banana out of the rum bottle on Runescape?

you can't the rum is in the crate with bananas in it

How do you get the banana out of the rum on RuneScape?

You dont, if you put a banna or chopped bannas in a rum bottle its wasted =(

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How do you finish the job in wydins shop Runescape?

Technically there was no job to start with, you just had to go there to get the rum then complete the quest.

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How do you load the crate on the ship in runescape pirates treaser?

It loads it's self, you just travel to the other side after you have put the rum in the crate, and in one of the crates there should be the rum, if there isn't you have done something wrong ( missed something out ).

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