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you sign out by going to the upper right corner and you'll see log out

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Q: How do you sign out out of Club penguin?
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How do you save Club Penguin?

You Sign out!

How do you get the thing to make your penguin on Club Penguin?

u go on the website. then sign up or sign in. then mke your penguin

Can you play club pinguin with Gmail?

Sadly, no. You have to sign up on Club Penguin or miniclip (search for club penguin)

When do you get your penguin on Club Penguin?

You get your penguin after you sign up. Although, you can lose your penguin by getting banned.

Where is the sign that says want to be an agent on club penguin?

There is no sign you get asked.

When you sign out of club penguin and if you are a member will your club penguin card run out?

The card will keep running 24:7...

On Club Penguin how do you change the penguin style?

There is not a way to change graphics on club penguin. However, you can submit your idea to club penguin's email at or you can call club penguin's customer service and tell them your idea at 1-888-861-4777. But you can change the quality of Club Penguin by pressing the + sign or = sign. ~winner 25321

How do you hold the sign in club penguin?

i love the sing

Can you get Club Penguin for free?

yes but you have to sign up

How do you get the rescue sqaud sign in club penguin?


What is a free account in club penguin?

just sign in

How do you get in to a penguin band on Club Penguin?

technically, you can't really sign up for it but you can get some friends together on club penguin and create your own band