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When an animal escapes or when you set it loose you can go to the dart pic in the right hand corner when it is blinking. Then right-click an shoot the animal by leftmouseclick

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Q: How do you shoot the tranquilizer gun in RCT3?
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What is the gun called which knocks an animal out but it is not a stun gun?

Tranquilizer gun. It shoots a hypodermic neddle that injects a tranquilizer into the animal.

Do you have to have a license fora tranquilizer gun in Australia?

Yes because it is technically a gun

Which new zealander invented the tranquilizer gun?


How old do you have to be to own a tranquilizer gun?

21. You also need to be a veterinary or law enforcement officer to have the tranquilizer darts.

What can happen to you if you get hit by a Tranquilizer gun?

Depending upon which tranquilizer and how much is contained in the dart - you could be rendered unconcious or comatose or killed.

Is there a tranquilizer gun in WWE 2k14?

is rob van dam in wwe 2k14

How do you find a tranquilizer gun?

Vet supply stores or rancher supply stores.

Knife is to as gun is to shoot?

Knife is to Stab, as Gun is to Shoot.

What are the fuzzy things that zoo workers shoot at animals to knock them out?

i think you are talking about feathered tranquilizer darts

How is barrel riffling done?

you get a gun and shoot people you get a gun and shoot people

How do you shoot a paintball gun in Roblox?

To shoot a paintball gun in Roblox, simply point to where you want to shoot at and click the left button of your mouse or trackpad.

What is a trank gun?

This is a slang term for a tranquilizer gun. Tranquilizer guns are usually air-powered and fire syringes filled with sedative that release their contents upon striking the target. Tranquilizer guns are used by animal control officers, scientists, zookeepers and veterinary doctors to put large or dangerous animals to sleep in order to examine them, relocate them or administer medical treatment.