How do you shoot the sun in Zelda?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you go to the little island in lake hylia AFTER you beat the water temple and you get your bow out and shoot the sun. easy right :P

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Q: How do you shoot the sun in Zelda?
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How do you go to the wind ruins in the Legend of Zelda?

you get in the cannon and it will shoot you there.

How do you get the hanging treasure chest on Zelda twilight princess?

shoot it with your bow

How do you kill the pirates on the legend of Zelda spirit tracks?

you have to shoot them with cannon

How do you shoot the eye in b1 templeof ice on Zelda?

im not telling you

When was Shoot the Sun Down created?

Shoot the Sun Down was created in 1978.

What does the sun shoot from it?

Sun bullets.

What order do you shoot the eyeballs in Zelda phantom?

up down left right

Where do you go after you defeat the giant bug in Zelda spritt tracks?

you shoot the eye

How many times do you shoot the monster in sea Zelda?

Figure it ou on your own! That's what everybody else has to do who can acually beat Zelda on there own!_ Maya

How do you beat Gannon in original Legend of Zelda?

shoot him with light arrows and then slash at him with your sword

How do you put the sun key into the sun symbol in Zelda phantom hourglass?

U touch it

Where is the nightmare key for level 3 in Zelda links awakening?

You have to get a shotgun and shoot someone on the game