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You don't. Which I personally don't get.

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Q: How do you shoot in a car in driv3r for xbox?
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Is there a way to make driv3r play on a 360?

No there is no way to make Driv3r play on a xbox 360. Driv3r is not one of the original Xbox games playable on the Xbox 360.

How do you change weapons in driv3r?

I have it on XBox and it is the Y button if you have for Ps2 I'd say it would be Triangle ! Hope I helped! ~Tomas101~

How do you shoot on driv3r PC?

Look at your control options, the default is left mouse button, or like the 7 button on your Joypad, you can change it in your control options.

Can you get jets on driv3r?


Which is better Xbox 360 or a laptop?

xbox 360 by a long shoot

In driv3r how do you kill a timmy?

if u see a timmy they are proberly in a wheelchair so follow them to a hill and the shoot their wheel and they will roll down so fast that they can't get out so when they hit another car or a wall you won't get arrested for killing them but the other driver will!!!! posted by oli downham

Can you shoot a thief in your car?

In the car out the car, you can shoot a thief from anywhere

What are the ratings and certificates for Driv3r - 2004 VG?

Driv3r - 2004 VG is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M Germany:16 USA:M

How do you access cheats on driv3r ps2?


How do you access cheats on driv3r PC?

The way to get cheats on driv3r is to complete story mode!(I'd say that's quite unfair if u ask me!)

How do you get rid of police in DRIV3R?

When he is driving unlock the lock and jump

How do you break up with Denise on san Andreas?

Get in a car with herLook to the right. (PS2 R2, ( Xbox RB)Shoot and she will die so your not her boyfriend anymoreGo pick up a . Hope this helps