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i don't think there is a way that you can do that I think it does it automatically.

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Q: How do you shoot flares out of an ac130?
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How do you shoot down an AC in call of duty modern warfare 2?

2 Stingers for the flares, 1 for the AC130 itself.

How do you use flares on the ac130 on call on duty modern warfare 2?

You can't choose to deploy flares, it does it on its own. The AC-130 Gunship has two sets of flares to counter missiles.

Why do ac130s deploy flares?

Many Anti-Aircraft missiles find their targets based on heat. If an AC130 deploys flares, which are hot, the missiles follow them instead.

Bursts of energy that shoot you from the sun's surface are called?

Flares. They are called Flares

MW2 how to destroy an ac130?

Fire three rockets that are targeted at it. The first to will be blocked by flares but the third will hit. You can also, if you are talented/lucky enough, hit it with a predator missle.

How do you do the infinite ammo for ac130 glitch?

the ac130 already has infinite ammo.

Does the atmosphere on Sun have storms?

Yes, the Sun's atmosphere, known as the corona, experiences storms in the form of solar flares and coronal mass ejections. These events release massive amounts of energy into space and can affect space weather near Earth.

What is the name of a coloured flare used for signaling at sea?

There are several different types of signal flares that can be used at sea.Smoke flares are hand-held flares. Once lighted, they give off white or orange smoke.Aerial flares are small flares that you launch into the sky.A flare gun holds red or white flares that you shoot up into the sky. These flares are quite visible at night.Parachute flares are flares that you fire into the sky, and they slowly descend. These flares have great visibility and a long burn time.very light

Modern warfare can you get in artillery?

there is a predator missle which is a single one hit area kill, ac130 gunships that shoot shells and minigun bullets down from above,

Can you shoot down an ac130 with a RPG in mw2?

No you cannot the RPG detonates automatically own its own well before it reaches the AC-130's airspace.

What is better ac130 or chopper gunner?

Well I think that the chopper gunner is the best because you can find more people and thy're easy to kill. I agree but people start shooting choppers down now especially in ground war use the AC130 there. I agree with both statements above, except I recommend AC130 on Terminal only. I disagree, the chopper gunner is definetly better on Terminal, due to the map's large amounts of windows and ability to "spawn-kill". On average, the chopper gunner is probably better simply because of what the first guy said. i think the AC130 is better cuz u can shoot ppl and bomb then and in terminal the AC130 owns

How do you get the ac130 moving emblem?

You get it by using the AC130 killstreak 10 or so times.