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If you have an Xbox 360, you use the x button or the right trigger. If you have a PS3, you use the square button. Ray Allen is the second best 3-pointer shooter in the NBA!

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Q: How do you shoot a perfect jump shot in nba 2k12?
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On 'My Player' does adjusting shot release and jump shot base actually change your player's ability to score on nba 2k12?

Yes, they affect the player's ability to shoot more easilty but it doesn't effect it much.

How do you make a jump shot?

You run and then you jump and stop then jump and shoot.

What is the past perfect for shoot?


What is the past perfect tense of shoot?


How do you shoot a jump shot?

With a hopgun Not a shotgun a hopgun

What is the present perfect tense of shoot?

I/We/You/They have shotHe/She/It has shot

When shooting in basketball do you need to wait for your jump to reach maximum high and then shoot or you have to shoot right after you jump?

you would have to jump then shoot because if you shot when your on the ground there is no point to jump so jump and then shoot because when your in the air your closer to the basket Depends on ref... but just try to go high first for more cheers!

When do you get the shot IQ in 2k12?

Shot IQ is only on NBA 2K13

What does the yellow bars mean in NBA 2k12?

How good there shot is from that range.

When was Shoot Your Shot created?

Shoot Your Shot was created in 1983.

What is Jimmer Fredette NBA 2K12 signature shot?

Release 37, base 24!

How do you make Kobe's jumpshot NBA 2k12?

Shot Release 57 JumpShot 7