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you cannot set up permissions in a normal minecraft server. you must have a bukkit server to use permissions. check the bukkit forum for more info.

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Q: How do you set up permissions in Minecraft?
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How do you set up commands on a minecraft server?

If you have a normal server, you have to op people from the console to give them permissions. If you have a craftbukkit server, you can download a plugin for permissions.

How do you get permission to set a warp in Minecraft?

You must have the permission from a OP to use /warp or if you are a higher ranking official, ask your server owner to set up the "essentials.warps.*" and "essentials.setwarp.*" permissions.

How do you set ranks using permissions on minecraft?

you just edit the users file found in the same folder as groups.yml. It will say a username and then the rank he/she is below it

Why is it in minecraft severs in wont let you move?

Typically this is because the plugin "ModifyWorld" is set so that you (or members of your Permissions or PermissionsEx group) are unable to move.

What do you use to get God Mode on Minecraft?

"God mode" is a command from the Bukkit plugin "essentials". If you have the correct permissions you can type /god in a multiplayer Minecraft server with that plugin enabled, and the correct permissions in your current group.

How can you set the permission of file server?

You can use the Server app to set standard permissions-Read & Write, Read Only, Write Only, or None-to control access to a folder and its contents. You can set different permissions for one user (the owner), one group, and all other users who log in. You can also set standard permissions on individual files. Standard permissions are also called POSIX permissions.

How do you make yourself owner on you craftbukkit minecraft server?

it's a plugin called Permissions.

How do you set up ranks in a minecraft server?

The easiest way is to get the bukkit plugin called permissions. From there you can set up as many groups as you like and add people to them. You could also get the jobs plugin. People pick a job, for example lumberjack, & get promoted when they cut down enough trees. hope this helped.

How do you create a file in Linux with write-only permissions?

Create a file and set it's permissions to 222

Does Minecraft download for mac?

Yes it does. Though on occasion Minecraft will crash and you have to set it up again.

How do you set up a server on minecraft?

Watch youtube videos.

How do you change file permissions on Yummy FTP?

Select the file you want to change permissions for in the directory listing. Click on the Info icon in the toolbar, or select Get Info from the File menu. Change the permissions in the Info window. You can automatically set permissions when you upload a file. In the Preferences window select Server Options and tick the Set permissions of uploaded files box.