How do you set bio on xbox?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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To set your bio simply hit the "XBOX" button in the middle of your controller and it'll pull up the guide menu. Go all the way to the right until you see Profile. Then click it and change 'bio'.

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Q: How do you set bio on xbox?
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Why can't I change my bio on the xbox 360?

Go to the Xbox website and sign in. Then go to profile settings. Next, at the bottom it will say bio so type what you want then click to save. If your parents set up your Xbox they might have turned on parent settings so that you can't have a bio. If that happens go to your friends house who has a xbox 360 recover your gtag and then sign in to your account and go to cancel setting. It will say change name, profile, pic and then bio. Change your bio to whatever then go on your laptop. It will ask you under change gamer pic to change bio. I know that's a lot but it is worth it to get a cool bio. If you parents set the controls so you couldn't set up a bio, then it was for a good reason. You should get your parents' permission before changing the bio if the control was set.

What is the website for mod Xbox bio?

its where you make your xbox live bio look really cool

What family setting do you have to set to make a bio on xbox live?

i dont know but if u wanna play with me add EL1TE Hippy

How old do you have to be to get a bio on Xbox live?

Any age.

Why won't your bio art you made work?

║┼║┼╔═╗╔═╗╔═╗┼┼┼┼ ╠═╣┼╠═╣║┼┼║┼║┼┼┼┼ ║┼║┼║┼║║┼┼╠═╝┼┼┼┼ ┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼ ╔══┼╔══┼╔═╗╔=╗╔═┼ ╚═╗┼║┼┼┼║┼║╔=╝╠═┼ ══╝┼╚══┼╚═╝║┼┼╚═┼ ┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼ I did that as my bio and it wont accept it... Why? (Im talkin about xbox bios)

How do you make Xbox 360 bio?

The easiest way is on You can go to edit profile then you go to bio then write whatever you like and there you have it an xbox live bio. Go to the profile thing (where it has the game and stuff) click the green bar with your avatar on it, hit edit profile, bio, type away, PRESTO!

How do you make a bio on Xbox Live?

you have to go to edit profile ( its in the dashboard ) and scroll down to edit bio. GAMERTAG : kaboom04

How do you get a bio on Xbox?

At your dashboard under "My Xbox" you can click on your card and click edit profile. Then you will be able to write in your bio just remember anything your write is saved and if it is inappropriate you will receive a suspension.

What is a good xbox 360 bio?

Something somebody made up. A bio on the xbox 360 is basically the description of whatever you want it to be (how many Mario game u have or have beaten, cod 4 kill/death ratio, anything). The bio is what people read off of your gamer profile so if you don't have XBL (Xbox live) then you really shouldn't worry at all. Goodluck

Can you set Xbox controllers on top of your Xbox?

yes you can

How do you make a bio?

If your talking about how to make a bio on Xbox Live, then u have to had put ur age as 18 or older. I am 12 and I actually put my real age (which was stupid of me) in when I was joning Xbox live. Unfourtnly, you can't change your age once you've joined Xbox Live :-(. But if you did put that you are 18 or older, then go to: 1. My xbox 2. Go to where your avatar is standing 3. Profile 4. Edit Profle It should say Bio, Location, and name.

Where do you get the bio suit for LEGO batman?

you can get the lego batman bio suit and the lego robin bio suit in a new lego batman set released in 2013