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You can't "sell" your profile. To complete it go to Profile --> My Account --> Edit my account --> Confirm email address. Then go to your email box and click on the link in the email that will arrive from howrse.

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Q: How do you sell your profile on Howrse?
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How do you get a black orchid for free on Howrse?

The only way is completing your profile if you have already not done that when you joined howrse.

How do you get to the riding level 1 on Howrse?

there isnt riding levels on howrse anymore but there is objectives. got to profile--objectives

How do you get 100 percent on a Howrse profile?

Confirm the email address

How do you change password on Howrse?

Profile>>>my account>>>>edit my account

How do you delete horses on Howrse?

You can't necessarily delete horses but you can send them to Heaven or the Safe Haven. Go to the horses profile, and there should be a little + by it's name, once you click that you have the choices of Edit Profile, Sell, and Give a Bonus. Click on Sell. Then, after that you just click 'Place in Safe Haven'.

How do you delete Howrse profile?

Click on profile > my account > edit my account > enter your password and select "delete"

How do you put a pic on Howrse?

on howrse you go to your profile than to your account and then you click edit account then you put you image in that box

Where do you put the codes at on Howrse?

There are no current card codes for Howrse. Usually you enter them at profile > my cards, or at the bottom of the passes page.

How do you sell a horse on howrse step by step?

1.go on to the horse you want to sell profile (you do this by clicking the plush next to your horses name) click on this then click sell sell aging then pick you methord of selling (audorchn,resverd,diret) then enter you price and click sell my horse and you horse will up for sale. I hope this helped you feel free to add me on howrse (internashonal vershon) my acount name is lovesickgirl

How do you quit your job on Howrse?

You go to your profile then my job and then you leave your job

How do you restore your restarted profile on Howrse?

You Can't. That's why it said are you sure

How do you get hired on Howrse?

You hover your mouse over the "My Profile" then choose "My Job"