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there not there anymore.

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Q: How do you put the cheat codes in on howrse?
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Where do you put the cheat for Howrse in?

the cheat codes go in a box titled "promotional code" on your "My passes" page.

Cheat codes for howrsecom?

go to google and type in howrse cheat codes. then look for one that says!

How do you put in cheat codes for battletanx?

In the menu it will say put in codes then you click that and you put in the cheat code.

Where do you put cheat codes in for bubble struggle 2 and where do you enter cheat codes for it?

you can get cheat codes from

Where do you put the codes at on Howrse?

There are no current card codes for Howrse. Usually you enter them at profile > my cards, or at the bottom of the passes page.

Howrsecom cheats what are some?

There are no current promotional pass codes/ cheat codes for Howrse. When new promotional codes are available, a notice is posted on the homepage and in the events forum. Old and pre-used card codes will not work on Howrse.

Does Howrse know if you use a cheat?

It is not possible to cheat on the game Howrse. There are promotional codes which Owlient produces on a regular basis, that give the players special gifts and other items. Currently there are no available codes. Any old codes, or already used codes, would be shown as invalid when a player tried to use them.

How do you put cheat codes in for roar?

you type cheat codes in like this snow1

How do you put Codes on DSI x large?

if you have a dsi x large and trying to get cheat codes on it and you have some than you put in the game you have cheat codes for and when it pop up go to opitions and put it in but if you donn't have cheat codes for it go to cheat cc .com

How do you enter cheat codes for monopoly hotels?

you first put your phone in the bathtub, then you put it in the dryer. FInally, you get the cheat codes for it.

Cheat codes 1000coins on meez?

put in the cheat dgsnrgconiz

Are there any new Howrse codes?

Howrse is no longer doing promo codes appybreeder (on Howrse)