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you click the regester and select buy things. then there will be a tab saying sell things or soemthhing along those lines

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Q: How do you sell things at the consignment store in the sims 3?
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Why cant i buy things in the consignment store sims 3?

you have to ask the person behind the counter to buy things

How do you get to consignment store in Sims 3?

You need to install ambitions and world adventures but if i were you you should install ambitions. If you want to make your own store you need ambitions(and world adventures i think) for the consignment cash register and if you cant find that there are loads of forums telling you where you can find it. Again you need the sims 3 ambitions.

Can you become a consignment store specialist in The Sims 3?

No, unfortunatly you cannot, and if you were to marry or otherwise bring the specialist into your household, he/she would use his/her job and be replaced by another npc.

How do you move things on the Sims social?

You go to the store, click build, then click on an item you want to move. It should say rotate, sell, and move. Hope this helped!

Can you get things from the Sims 3 store and have it on Xbox?

buy it from the shop.

How do you download things on Sims 3?

normally, on the sims 3 game launcher, it has the store, at the bottom click go to the exchange, from then on, you can download sims, hair,clothes e.t.c

How do you sell items on the urbz sims in the city?

go to any shop (including online store) and prees what you want to sell twice and you have now sold that item you can also sell stuff at the department store near the chopper garage/ boroken down bus.

Where can you buy an expansion pack for Sims 2?

You can by an expansion pack for Sims 2 at your local GameStop or game store, any store that they sell electronics, Best Buy, or Wal-Mart. If you cannot find it at any of these, then you can order them off of the Internet online.

Are there games that you can be a mom and do everyday things?

yes there is a game called sims its fun but u have to buy it at the store

How do you delete furniture on sims freeplay?

On My Sims DS you can't delete furniture but you can sell it - go to a furniture store or general store and they may buy it off you. Hope this helps :)

Where on the Sims 3 ambitions can you get wallpaper?

If you mean put new wallpaper in your house, go to move/sell items and click on the wall. If you mean buy new wallpaper, I'm supposing it's in the sims store.

What are simpoints?

Simpoints are basically money and you can use them to buy things from the store. You get 1,000 Simpoints when you create an account. (In Sims 3)