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To create or sell a shirt on Roblox you must have a builders-club subscription. First open the page for the shirt that you want to sell (it must be one you made). Click edit item and select sell for tickets or/and sell for Robux. Then adjust the prices to the desired level and save.

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Q: How do you sell shirts to people on roblox?
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On roblox can people not in builders club sell t shirts?

Anyone in ROBLOX can make shirts, pants, and t-shirts (not guests) but only BC members can sell them.

On roblox can people not in builders club sell t-shirts?

People in builders club (On roblox) Can make, and sell T-Shirts but if your not in builder club in roblox, u cant and if u try it wont let you

Can you sell t-shirts on roblox if your not in builders club?

No you need any type of BC on ROBLOX to sell any item, but you can make t-shirts, shirts, and pants but can't sell them.

How do you sell t-shirts in Roblox?

You have to have Builders Club.

How do you sell badges on roblox?

you can't sell badges on roblox, you can sell t-shirts, shirts, pants, with BC

Can you sell anithing else apart from t-shirts when you have builders club on ROBLOX?

Yes you can also sell shirts and pants

On roblox can people not in builders club make pants?

NBC (Non-Builders Club) users can make shirts, pants, and t-shirts, but can not sell them.

On roblox can people not in builders club make t-shirts?

Yes, you can make t-shirts without builders club but u cant sell them my username is roblox is pspboy27 send a request.Jk jk my name is Sandstorm90332

Can you sell T-shirts on roblox without bc or tbc?

No you cant sell them but you can make them and wear them your self.

How do you make shirts on roblox free?

You can't sell shirts on Roblox for free. The reason why you see free shirts on Roblox is because you could do that back in 2008.

Can you sell T shirts on Roblox without BC or TBC?

You can only make t-shirts if you are not BC/TBC/OBC. But you can't sell them for currency or money.

How do you get the vip for everything t-shirt in roblox?

There is no t-shirt on roblox that makes you a VIP to every game. Most people prefer to sell their own VIP shirts, so they can make more money. However, some very popular t-shirts have been know to be used as VIP shirts for several people's games.