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You can't sell shirts on Roblox for free. The reason why you see free shirts on Roblox is because you could do that back in 2008.

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You can make T-shirts that's what I did and used a black free shirt in the background, to get it as a full square make sure it is even.

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Q: How do you make shirts on roblox free?
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How do you make shirts transparent on Roblox?

Search "transparent roblox" on Google. The first thing to come up is a tutorial. Click the second link BELOW that, and there is a free roblox transparent shirt template in there.

How do you make armor on roblox?

you can unless you make it in shirts or pants.

On roblox can people not in builders club sell t shirts?

Anyone in ROBLOX can make shirts, pants, and t-shirts (not guests) but only BC members can sell them.

On roblox can you make shirts when you are not in builders club?


Can you make clothes on ROBLOX?

Yes you can make clothes on ROBLOX. Here are the different types of clothes you can make : • T-Shirts • Pants • Shirts That is really all you can make. You have to be an Administrator on ROBLOX to make these things : • Heads • Faces • Gear • Hats • Packages

How do you make sport jerseys on roblox?

The same way you make shirts :>

When I make a t shirt on roblox the take for free button isn't there Yes I am a free member can someone help?

If you're a free member (non paying) than that makes you can not sell t shirts 111111310 says: ummm I meant how do I make FREE shirts. I made a bunch and the "take for free" button isn't there. can only paying member make t-shirts that can be given away?

Can you sell t-shirts on roblox if your not in builders club?

No you need any type of BC on ROBLOX to sell any item, but you can make t-shirts, shirts, and pants but can't sell them.

On roblox can people not in builders club sell t-shirts?

People in builders club (On roblox) Can make, and sell T-Shirts but if your not in builder club in roblox, u cant and if u try it wont let you

How do you make t shirts for free on roblox?

Go to My Roblox, Then Profile. Scroll down all the way untill you see your items. Click T- Shirt. Then Create. Now upload an image you wont on the shirt.

How do you get 99999 money in roblox?

There is no "money" in roblox, there is only tickets and robux. The only way to get that many is to work hard, make a place and get it popular. Make then sell shirts,pants and t-shirts if you have builders club.

How do you sell free shirts on roblox?

First, you must have Builders Club. Then you can upload your image of your shirt.(YOU CAN'T SELL IT FOR FREE)