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with a lot of work. ha ha ha ha!

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Q: How do you see every Pokemon in the Hoenn pokedex?
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How many Pokemon do you have to catch to get a nationaldex in Pokemon ruby?

you don't need to catch them just see all the Pokemon in the hoenn pokedex

Do you have to see them or catch the Pokemon on the Hoenn dex to complete it?

You have to have caught all of the Pokemon (not just see them) to complete the Pokedex to show to Gamefreak, or have it during a trade

How do you obtain the National Pokedex in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

After you see all the Sinnoh Region Pokemon, go to the Professor, and he will give you the National Pokedex, which includes Pokemon from the Kanto, Hoenn, and Johto Regions.

Where can you catch a totodile?

get all hoenn Pokemon in the pokedex excluding deoxys and jirachi then go see prof birch

How do you get a full pokedex?

Just see every Pokemon

How do you get national pokedex in leafgreen?

see every Pokemon

How do I fill my pokedex on Pokemon Platinum?

You have see to many different pokemons. Then you will fill it (you have to every Pokemon to get national pokedex).

Do you have to see 200 Pokemon in the national dex or Hoenn dex?

to get the national pokedex you have to complete the shiono pokedex, then go to Prof. Birch's lab and their should be a cut scence where Prof. Birch comes and gives you the national pokedex.

How do you complete the pokedex in Pokemon Pearl?

You have to see every Pokemon in the sinnoh region.

Do you have to get all the Pokemon in sinoh to get the national pokedex?

No, to get the National Pokedex, you only have to see every Sinnoh Pokemon. This does not include Manaphy.

How do you get a full pokedex on sapphire?

see/catch every Pokemon

Can you see the hoenn starters or is it impossible to complete the hoenn pokedex?

I think you have to trade to see them. Actually, you have to trade to see lots of things in Hoenn. But it'd be worth it; you get a Johto starter for completing the Hoenn Dex.