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it will take a long time and you'll probably never catch it; i didn't

Actually, use the run/walk anywhere cheat, team up with someone (like Marly or something). Then, walk on water until you encounter a Pokemon. This is the glitchy part. It will be a double battle. You sent out your own Pokemon and a copy of yourself sents out a grayish rectangle! This rectangle is called an invisible shiny Bulbasaur because it has Bulbasaur's cry and its a shiny, oddly, Lv.0 and no HP. There is a random normal wild Pokemon and a wild invisible shiny bulbasaur! After you run away, to unglitch your game, just leave from wherever you are and you will be no longer teamed up with the person.

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Q: How do you see Invisible Shiny Bulbasaur?
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Where do you see Bulbasaur on pearl?

You cannot catch bulbasaur in diamond and pearl. If you have firered or leafgreen can set 6 Pokemon free in pal park and catch them there.

What are all the chao colours in Sonic DX?

There are many colors for chao in sonic dx the problem is naming every individual color because this also includes color distinctions when chao breed so i couldn't name you every single color however i can name you the colors that you can buy and also i will give you one color that you can get from breeding it's probably the most interesting to see! So for the normal colors you got: Normal which is light blue, Sky blue which is a lot lighter, Purple, Green, Yellow, Red, Dark Blue, Orange, Black, Grey, Lime green, Pink, White, Silver, Gold. Now for the shiny colors and those are: Shiny blue, Shiny sky blue, Shiny red, Shiny yellow, Shiny orange, Shiny purple, Shiny pink, Shiny black, Shiny grey, Shiny lime green, Shiny white. And last my secret to you there is an semi invisible chao color you can see the outline of your chao it will be yellow and im not sure if you can get a different outline color but you get that by breeding a shiny sky blue chao with a silver chao please take note it's not guaranteed to hatch an invisible colored chao the first time i remember hatching the egg more than once to attempt to get a certain facial expression which was a smile i ended up hatching an invisible chao with a smile and obviously kept it since then!

How can you breed a Bulbasaur?

you need bulbasaur or one of the evolutions and a ditto or again a bulbasaur or evolution of the opposite sex

How do you get a shiny ditto in Pokemon firered?

find the place were dittos appear then keep looking til you see a blue ditto which is the shiny but if you see a purple one then its not shiny oh and it takes patience

What stone makes Bulbasaur evolve?

Bulbasaur does not evolve with a stone. Bulbasaur needs to get to a certain level, then go to "Luminous spring", select Bulbasaur, then select "evolve". If YOU are Bulbasaur, then you must get Manaphy and Palkia to join your team, and then go to "Luminous spring".

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How do you see Invisible Shiny Bulbasaur In Pokemon Pearl?

You don't.

What is an Invisible Shiny Bulbasaur?

Answerits true cause i see that alot

Is an invisible Shiny Bulbasaur bad?

Depends if you got it naturally or in a hack.

How do you get Shiny Infernape?

you can't. you can only get Bulbasaur - Deoxys.

How do you get a shiny venusaur?

save when proff oak says which Pokemon yo want keep doing it until you get a shiny then train it bla bla bla venusaur lvl 32

How do you get rid of an invisible shiny Bulbasaur in Pokemon Platinum?

techniqly it isn't even there some people have this problem when they use cheats coz the game get confused or somthing went wrong in the cheat, is you have already captured it then put it into your PC and then release it!

What is the difference between a shiny Bulbasaur and a normal Bulbasaur?

One is shiny and the other one isn't. I'm not kidding, that's the only difference (unless you're going into stats and stuff... But they differ between Pokémon anyway).

How to start with a shiny Bulbasaur in fire red?

Without cheating, there is but one other way to go. Start the game, save prior to choosing your starter pokemon and then choose bulbasaur. If you are lucky, you will receive a shiny bulbasaur. If not, then you need to restart your game and choose bulbasaur again. Repeat this procedure until you have received your bulbasaur. Please note that the chance of getting a shiny pokemon is 1 in 8192 or ~ 0.012 %. Good luck! As personal curiosa, I've never cheated since my first pokemon game in -99, and I've only been able to get ONE shiny blue psyduck during my several thousand hours of gameplay. Nonetheless, I wish you good luck!

Is helium shiny at room temperature?

No, it is an invisible gas.

Can you get an easy shiny starter Pokemon in Pokemon firered?

no but. save it before you get your Pokemon (bulbasaur,squirtle or charmander) summary the Pokemon if u don't get shiny try again

What is the code for a shiny Bulbasaur for Pokemon tower defense?

it's not active anymore, it changes every week, sorry

Is oxygen shiny luster or dull?

Nitrogen is neither shiny nor dull.