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  1. Delete your save game and EVERYTHING to do with FireRed EXCEPT the emulator and the ROM.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Run the emulator.
  4. Go to Options > Emulator > Save Type.
  5. Select Automatic and Flash 128K.
  6. Now open Pokémon FireRed.
  7. Play and save just like a regular Gameboy Advance

If you see "The 1M Sub-Circuit Board Not Installed", reinstall VisualBoyadvance and follow step 3 down.

Still doesn't work? Google it.

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Q: How do you save the game in Pokemon FireRed?
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Where do you find sudowood in Pokemon FireRed?

It's not possible to find Sudowoodo in Pokemon FireRed. You will need to trade for one from a Pokemon Emerald game-save.

Why can you save in Pokemon FireRed?


How can you save the game in Pokemon firered?

Delete your game, open VBA , set save type Flash 128K. Now open ROM. You should be good!You just press start and go to save just like in any other Pokemon game.

How you enter codes on Pokemon Ruby?

A game shark. You can get one from eBay . But there is a chance it can ruin your game by deleting save files. It actually happened to my pokemon firered before.

How do you copy Pokemon in Pokemon firered?

Go to the battle tower, deposit the Pokemon you want to clone, save, withdraw, talk to the lady, turn your game off, and then, TADA!

What is Pokemon FireRed?

A Game

Does the Game Boy Advance play Pokemon FireRed?

Yes, Pokemon FireRed was made for the Game Boy Advance.

Why does the FireRed Pokemon modifier freeze my Shining Opal FireRed hack game?

The FireRed Pokemon does freeze on your Shining Opal FireRed hack game because your RAM is low.

How do you delete all data on pokemon firered?

Simply select New Game on the options screen and then save on the new file.

What Pokemon can you get from the game corner on Pokemon FireRed?


Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon FireRed to Pokemon FireRed using Nintendo DS?

no you can only trade using a game boy to a game boy with the link cable.

Is FireRed for Game Boy color?

No, Pokemon FireRed version is for GBA.