How do you save on Red Dead Redepmtion?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well first u have to do your moms olo then lick ur dad vag then it will save

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Q: How do you save on Red Dead Redepmtion?
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How do you save on red dead redemtion?

go to a a rentable property and go to the bed and it will say save game

In Red Dead Redemption does the game automatically save when you purchase a new home?


How do you save red dead redeamption after john is dead?

The game should, at times, autosave. If not, set up camp or go to a house in order to manually save the game

Do you get your weapons back when you become legendary on red dead redemption?

refer to the cheats its easy but when you save go to your latest save

How do you save red dead redemtion manually?

go to your bed? they are in all the safe houses

If you activate a cheat code in red dead redemption can you ever save agian?

you can save in the wilderness and at your homes but the autosave is turned off

How do you save red dead redemption on ps3?

you must go to one of your houses and sleep or if you are in the wilderness, set up a camp and save from there.

Do you have to save in red dead redemption for cheats?

yes you save and exit then go back into the game and if that doesnt work then something is wrong

Can you swim in red dead redemption?

No, if your character enters water deeper than his chest he will die and you will see the "DEAD" screen and be respawned at your last save point or auto save point.

How do you change a save file from a slot to a auto-save file in red dead redemption?

According to the manual, "Red Dead Redemption has an autosave function that is enabled by default." If for some reason it is turned off. Go to the options menu in-game and turn it back on.

What do you do when your red dead undead nightmare has ran out of missions but has not been completed?

save the rest of the towns.

How do you save your game on red dead redemption?

The game autosaves at certain points like when you get an achievement'eg: Master Hunter'. Or you can save by going to your bed.