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The most common reason that people cannot save is because the internal battery is dead. this can be repaired easily you just need to carefully open the back of your game cartridge, replace the battery with one of the same voltage, close up the case, and your done! Harry :D

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Q: Why can't i save my Pokemon fire red game in the in-game save menu?
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How do you get celebi without a game shark on Pokemon fire red?

Its simple you cant you have to have game shark.

How do you trade Pokemon fire to diamond?

trading a Pokemon from a DS game and a GBA game? You cant because they are different types of games

Can you trade Pokemon from the game Pokemon Diamond to Pokemon FireRed?

No, Because fire red is like the first Pokemon game and the oldest old and Pokemon diamon is the second newest Pokemon game out there. Sorry, but you cant trade

How do you get a mew in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You have no way of getting it ingame. Your only option is to trade it from another game that has Mew in it.

Are Pokemon Games inGame Boy Advance color games?

yes they are game boy advance games

How does Pokemon Red save?

It saves like every other Pokemon game. You open the menu and select the Save button once ingame.

Were do you get unknown on Pokemon FireRed?

you cant find them in the wild in fire red. you would have to trade from another game to get them

How do you get a pokeflute in Pokemon platinum the game?

you cant get the pokeflute in fire red and leaf green you can though

Im having trouble completing the the Sinnoh pokedex on Pokemon platinum because you cant get a elekid can anyone help?

you can get it by putting a Pokemon game boy game in i think its leaf green or fire red try both cause i cant remember

How do you get todidile on Pokemon FireRed?

u cant get a tododile in fire red that's in a different game i think in ruby or emerald

Where do you find the sapphire to catch mewto?

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How do you get aipom in pokemon firered?

Sorry, but you cant. Pokemon Fire red is an older game, and when they made the game, Aipom wasnt even invented yet until Pokemon Emerald Satphire and Ruby. You might be able to hack it but i have no clue as to how to do that.