How do you save in Pokemon Yellow?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you are using an emulator save in the game then save to the gbc emulator. If you are not then save wait a couple of seconds and turn the power off and back on quickly. Do this a couple of times. I have the emulatior and I have kept on to my gbc and Pokemon games. The first time I tried to save I actually coudn't find the save option in the menu! Then I beat it all the way to like the 3rd or 4th gym leader and it lost it. TRY SAVING EVERY NOW AND THEN DON'T SAVE ON ONE TIME.

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Q: How do you save in Pokemon Yellow?
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When you download Pokemon Yellow can you save game?

Yes you can.

Why wont Pokemon Yellow save?

It probobly doesn't have enough battery. Take it to GameStop to get a new battery. ------ Pokemon Yellow doesn't have an internal clock battery, Gold And Silver do. There are glitches that stop Yellow from being able to save. If you've attempted these glitches or accidentally found them, that's why.

Rare candy code for Pokemon Yellow?

you give the rare candy to hold to a Pokemon and put it in you PC and save then save again when it says to don't turn off power do

Where do you get Lugia in Pokemon Yellow?

get a ditto and save your file and go to the altering cave there you can find Lugia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why wont my Pokemon Yellow game not save It only saves when I restart the game by pressing all the buttons and it does't save when I turn off the game?

Either you aren't saving (the game doesn't save itself) or your Yellow Version is broken.

How do you move a snorelax in Pokemon Yellow?

you have to get the poke flute from the man in lavander town after you save him from team rocket

Why wont the online Pokemon Yellow save?

It Can't Save Because Many Other Members Play It On line And I'm Sure They Would Not Like To Continue From your Save File.

How do you delete a save on Pokemon Yellow?

You cannot delete it, you just select 'New Game' from the start menu and overwrite the previous save by saving again.

How do you get the Pokemon missingo in Pokemon Diamond?

A) MissingNo. is a glitch Pokemon, so it can screw up your game/save. B) MissingNo. is not an actual Pokemon. C) MissingNo. is only found in Red/Blue/Yellow.

Where is Pokemon stadium at Pokemon Yellow?

in Pokemon yellow there is no Pokemon stadium

What are the first two TMs in the Pokemon league in Pokemon Yellow?

Mega punch, and Razor Wind. Thats what I have for TM number 1 And number 2 on my save file.

Where is hm flash?

on Pokemon yellow on Pokemon yellow