How do you save Pokemon Blue game?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Go on the staarting menu, go on save and wait for it to save.

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how do you go on the starting meanu

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Q: How do you save Pokemon Blue game?
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Does Glitch City corrupt your file on Pokemon Red and Blue?

no it doesnt corrupt your game but it does freeze it but dont worry about your save :)

Can you get any of the legendary Pokemon after they disappear on Pokemon Blue?

No, but save right in front of them so if u kill them u can turn off your game and try again

How do you save a new game on Pokemon Colosseum?

you have to go to the PC to save the game

Starters in Pokemon Blue Game Boy game?

The starter pokemon for Pokemon Blue version are: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.

How do you get the Pokemon missingo in Pokemon Diamond?

A) MissingNo. is a glitch Pokemon, so it can screw up your game/save. B) MissingNo. is not an actual Pokemon. C) MissingNo. is only found in Red/Blue/Yellow.

How do you save Pokemon diamond when battles?

You cannot save a Pokemon game during a battle.

How do you save your game on Pokemon HeartGold?

You press the save button

What does save at a Pokemon center mean when trading on Pokemon Colosseum?

you have to save at a Pokemon center in your gba game and then trade over Pokemon.

What Pokemon game has pikuchu as a starter Pokemon?

Pokemon blue or yellow has it but it's a old game

If you forget to save your Pokemon game Can you recover what you didn't save?


What do you have to do to capture lugia in Pokemon ranger guardian signs?

after catching every Pokemon and beat the game go to rands house and get the mission to save blue eyes an then u can find Ligia

How do you transfer Pokemon in Pokemon X to a different save file?

Transferring a pokemon to another save file is easy but will require another 3ds running the same game. you must transfer the pokemon to the other game, then switch save file then transfer the pokemon back.