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if your playing online and 2 player is guest then you can't I'm afraid. But if they have another profile they can recover their gamertag and use that profile and that will save for them

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Q: How do you save 2players progress on black ops?
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How do you save stuff in black ops?

The save button.

What is a gun game in black ops?

its a game where you slowly progress though the different guns in black ops

Can you save a level on zombies black ops?

No but it would be pretty sweet.

How do you get two files on spilt screen black ops?

You save the profile.

How do you save a coustom game in cod black ops?

You place it in your file share

Why won't my emblem on black ops save?

you have to click the save button in order to save *add me on the ps3 or on roblox my name is ivangreen1362 on both*

How do you save cares through games in black ops?

you save it in the options menu when the game first starts when your sitting in the chair

How do you film zombies games on black ops?

You can record your gameplay footage with a capture card. You can also save zombie replays/clips on Black Ops 2 via Theater in Zombies.

How do you save player 2 class in split screen mode on black ops?

U cant

Is call of duty modern warfare 2 2players?

You can play 2 players on Special Ops missions and you could also party up with your friends on Xbox Live.

Do you still get points on black ops split screen online?

The account does, but the Guest account doesn't get to save the points that they get.

Why did the numbers for the level you were on disapeare while you were playing zombies on call of duty black ops?

Probably because you finished the round and were about to progress to the next round...