How do you run in Pokemon Diamond?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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hold down B while you move

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Q: How do you run in Pokemon Diamond?
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How do you hatch a Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

You run or bike around.

How do you hatch a egg in Pokemon diamond?

run around

Is there action replay run anywhere Pokemon diamond?


If you run away in Pokemon diamond from a rare Pokemon can you get them back?

if you meen can you battle them agen the awnser is no.

How can you get pickachu in Pokemon Diamond?

You can get it if you go to the Pokemon Mansion and run around in the grass in the Trophy Garden.

How do you find Pokemon in Diamond?

All you have to do is run around in the grass ( which is every were )

What is the action replay code to run anywhere in Pokemon diamond?


How do you get final new Pokemon Diamond?

you have to run the azeus event to get a flute

How do you hatch the egg you get in Pokemon diamond?

you run around sinnoh and it will hatch.

Pokemon star or Pokemon Diamond?

Pokemon diamond

How do you not to run into any Pokemons on Pokemon diamond?

do like you do on any Pokemon game run through the grass hit trees surf do something

How do you run through walls on Pokemon diamond?

you can'tyes, you can my friend can run through the trees but he didn't tell me how!!!!!