How do you run PS1 emulators on the DSi?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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that can not happen

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Q: How do you run PS1 emulators on the DSi?
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Is a p4 2.8 ghz and 512 ram good enough to run PS1 and Sega Dreamcast emulators smoothly?


Are game shark still on sale?

I still remember Games Sharks, I don't think it's still on sale in stores. Was that for PS1 only? I think, if you still have PS1 cd's, you can play it on your computer, there's a lot of PS1 emulators. And there are lot's of Virtual Game Sharks made for PS1 emulators.

Are ps1 emulators legal?

Yes they are legal, as long as you are not spending, or getting $$ from themor using them for other things

Emulators on the PS3?

The PS3 has an emulator that lets it play most PS1 games Some early models with 4 USB ports had hardware and sometimes Partially software Based Emulators to play PS2 games

Is there homebrew for PC?

What do you mean? If you're talkin emulators for old consoles, there's lots. You can play anything up to the ps1 on your pc.

Can you play PlayStation games on a laptop?

There are quite a few emulators that make it possible. In 2022-2023, one of the most popular choices is opensource DuckStation available for Linux and Windows: To run it you need PS1 BIOS, but mentioned above DuckStation without any problems takes advantage of opensource substitute:

Where to get PS 1 emulation game?

When emulation is being mentioned , it is not the game that is being emulated but the hardware. So you will not find "PS1 Emulation Games". You will find PS1 Emulator. You use your own games, or ISO's of your own games.

What ps1 emulators?

There are a list of them, some of the popular ones are ePSXe, pSX, PCSX, PSXeven, AndriPSX, and Bleem! Most would recommend PCSX. You can find them on

What else can a Nintendo dsi do besides play games and take pictures?

Well, a DSi has: a built in high definition cam, plays music, downloads games, has something that lets you chat with your friends and can take pictures or videos and edit them!!!

How do you run a PS1 on a TV?

just plug it up

You downloaded all software belongs to PS1 how to run and play the PS1 games?

Just use Psx Ps1 Emulator and download rom's But only if you already have purchased the game itself

How do you get an emulator to run on lunar magic? is where you can download roms and emulators.